Teaching Humans, Training Dogs, Growing together.

Teaching Humans, Training Dogs, Growing together.

Teaching Humans, Training Dogs, Growing together.Teaching Humans, Training Dogs, Growing together.Teaching Humans, Training Dogs, Growing together.

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Are You Ready To Improve Your Dogs' Behavior?

Are you tired of your dog jumping on guests?

Or barking uncontrollably when someone is at the door?

Does your dog...

Try and grab food off the counter?

Beg non-stop while you're trying to eat?

Try and run out of the door as soon as it is open?

Or pull non-stop on the leash no matter what you do?

Do you simply just want your dog to listen to you?

Well that is why we are here. We want to help you and your dog/puppy have a happier life together. We are here to help make your good dog into a great dog!


About Crossroads K9 Training

We are balanced trainers located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. We specialize in dog/puppy obedience, and we work with dog behavior issues on a case by case basis. Charlene is the owner and head trainer, she attended Starmark Academy where she underwent intensive testing and training with multiple dogs to earn her Canine Training Specialist certification. Here we know that every dog is different and no two dogs learn the same, so we tailor our training to the needs of your dog. We are striving to give you and your canine companion a better life together. We work at creating a clear communication between you and your dog so you both have a better understanding of each other. With clear communication, a strong relationship, and the training your dog will receive you will notice amazing differences in just a matter of days. You will get training and information that will help your dog for the rest of its life time. It is our mission to give you and your dog a better and happier life together.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any pets' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care, training, and love. Their happiness is our priority and we strive to provide the best training we would want our own pets to receive. Your home will be a happier place. 

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